You may contact the Ombudsman in any matter concerning the services we provide and the accounts we have provided to you. In addition, the Ombudsman is authorized on our behalf to clarify differences of opinion with you regarding the interpretation of our agreements. You can contact the Ombudsman in any of the following ways: by regular mail, by email, or by an online form.

The Ombudsman can be contacted in the following matters:
A. Inquire about complains from subscribers and ask about the company's services.
B. Investigate and resolve complaints from subscribers regarding accounts submitted to them by the company.
C. To clarify disagreements between the company and a subscriber regarding the interpretation or performance of the agreements and to determine them.


The methods of communicating complaints are:
1. By mail to the address - Yigal Alon 98, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, 61020
2. By email,
3. By filling out and submitting an online form - click here
4. By fax to 072-222-0058

In order for us to process your fax, email or mail request please provide the following information:
The I.D. number / passport number of the account holder, the last 4 digits of the payment method, the telephone number that is the subject of the application, date and signature. (Signature will be requested only by fax or mail).

Ombudsman: Reut Kaparovitz Position: Ombudsman
Golan Telecom Ltd. P.O. Box 2058 Tel-Aviv 6102 Israel
Fax: 072-222-0058