Disconnect from Service

Disconnect from Service

Stop Service - A temporary hold of a specific service or all services given to a subscriber. You may ask to stop all services once a year, for a time frame longer than three days, but shorter than 90 days. The required documentation and process are listed below. Once the services are renewed, you will continue to be charged according to the rates of your plan, as they were listed before stopping the service, unless the rates of the plan were changed during that period to all subscribers, if the discounted rates were terminated, or in any other case the plan's details changed.

Disconnect from Service - A permanent disconnect of a service given to a subscriber. The required documentation and process are listed below.

Termination of Contract - A permanent disconnect of all services given to a subscriber, and a termination of the contract agreement.

Ways to reach us and required information: * You may contact us in writing or verbally, to request to stop service, disconnect from service or terminate contract.
Written requests should be faxed to: 072-222-0058, to P.O. box 2058 Tel Aviv 61020, by email to nituk@golantelecom.co.il, or by filling out an online form by clicking here
Verbal requests should be directed to our Customer Service representatives by dialing *0058.
Requests will be made on the date requested, unless it is not a business day. In that case, your request will be made on the first business day following the requested date.
If you didn't specify a date, the request will be made after one business day, following the request.

To complete your request you must provide the following means of identification:

  • Phone number of the person making the request
  • I.D. number of the account holder
  • Last 4 digists of payment method
  • Email address